Shared by EpicHybrid on March 27, 2014

So Short FPS Fix I found On reddit Hope it works for You THIS IS FOR NVIDIA ONLY ! 😀

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    LOL most people set that to maximum performance for most games, BUT dude you will find this wont actually do much in reality. So persekusi i doubt it boosted your frames from 40 to 300 as going above 60 frames does not give u any more of a “frames” advantage above this level. The real work in getting a boost performance comes from correctly fine tuning your config files in dayz (or ANY game for that matter where cfg files are used to store settings for a game). why you posted this vid, i do not know why, as it was a total waste of effing time. As you will already see there are a hundred more useful vids/guides already posted here for this topic so ya wasted urself a good 30 mins thinking this over and recording it for anyones viewing!

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    Yea i doubt it boosted his Fps that much he was just being sarcastic xD …. This video is so old there are much better ways to boost FPS now. But DayZ in General is a failed game,waste of money,waste of time… They released a Early access game That will never leave Early access for Years.