Shared by JeSTeR on September 15, 2014
DayZ Standalone
Exploring Chernarus lands – Taking a look at the small town of Turovo (Турово).
Turovo is located in the inland, at the northeast of Chernarus, between Novodmitrovsk and Svetlojarsk, and is also near Karmanovka and Dobroe.
Coordinates: 135 012
There are a lot of houses on this small town, with a big lake, which improves the beautiful view of this location.
With average loot, you can also find a command center (also known as a prison), where you may find a little better loot inside.
This town is a great spot to take a few screenshots. You can see those north mountains with trees and rocks.

This video was recorded and edited by me, JeSTeR (aswell with the intro and the credits (sorry for the blurry quality in those intros)).
The background music called Dubtitution belongs to longzijun –

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