Shared by Mon Frere Gaming on August 4, 2015

Hey guys.
Since we hit our two year mark we have decided to go back and start doing youtube videos again, I will only stream from time to time as we feel doing youtube videos and podcasts are more enjoyable to not only you lot but us as well and a lot of you requested us to come back and do videos so we decided why the fuck not, back for good this time. (5th time I have said that this year I know.)
As I type this a new DayZ video is rendering and I have also recorded me playing Five Nights at Freddys 4 with facecam. Both videos are coming tomorrow and the weekend so stay tuned. More CS:GO, DayZ, GTA V and many more games to come to the main channel.
Thanks for all the support over the past two years, its been an amazing ride. We wont let any of you down again, in other words we are going to commit fully this time promise. You are all the best fans we could ask, without you we would be nothing.
Thanks again and heres to another year! heart emoticon heart emoticon
Mon Frere Team xoxo
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