Shared by Jordan Firth on December 23, 2017

A range of time-lapses of 0.62 Elektrozavodsk which is a well-known city in DayZ Standalone for its many reasons ;).

Amongst my travels across Chernarus in the recent .62 update. I ended up revisiting what is known to many to be an “unforgiving city” called “Elektrozavodsk” and took the opportunity to explore its surrounding forests and I think I managed to capture some interesting cinematic like shots.

I found myself re-experiencing this city and all of its beauty which is all thanks to the new visuals and ambient noises that came with the new 0.62 update to DayZ Standalone.

Let me know what your favourite thing is about this new update to DayZ Standalone?

Thank you DayZ devs for this amazing new update ( .62) I’m really looking forward to seeing this game go into Beta! 😀

Music Beautifully Composed By
Joachim Heinrich

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