Shared by hwk on June 2, 2013
June, 10th (E3 Update) : Dayz Standalone E3 Gameplay & infos.

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Here’s a 60-second video highlighting most of the information that has come out about DayZ Standalone over the past week (from May 25 to June 1).

If I left anything out (which I am sure I did), leave a comment about it and I’ll add it here in the description!

Rocket on Twitter:

DayZ Development Tumblr:

Background music by Kevin MacLeod:


– New items:

– New attack animation for running zombies:

– Client/Server architecture functionally complete:

– Jumping zombie attack:

Magazines are now attachments:

– More info on weapon attachments:

– War of the Worlds in-game novel:

– Slayer’s Blade:

– 2 new screenshots:

– C-Batteries:

– Info on radios:

– DayZ will be playable at E3:

– Friday Funny: