Shared by Neggatron on May 20, 2018


I dont know how many endless Days and Nights I spend on recording Footage, setting up Objects for the Background or Editing the Video. First of all I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to Mr. OneShot who helped me with Ideas or took his Time rewatching some of my Footage and telling me what to change or gave me Insiration to redo a Scene again. So Thank you my Good Sir 🙂 Next thing is I decided to not use any Texts in my Showcase, so I hope you Guys still understand and see the Changes the 0.63 Version is bringing to us! I hope you enjoy this Video!!

PS: There was much more planed for this Video but my Windows Moviemaker cant handle the Session anymore and keeps crashing. So I will do a Part 2 of this kind of Videos. Next up are “Mapchanges, Zombis and new Objects and some other Stuff” 🙂