Shared by DAFatbOy101 on January 20, 2017

Thanks to Jakon72 for the TCB GFX! Go check out their Server!

DayZ Server – The Chipotle Bandits

Download it here –

My PC Specs, you can buy them here at Amazon:

These are Affiliate Links! Which means i get a small kickback from using my link, it helps the channel build better quality content even if it’s a little!

CPU: AMD FX 8300 @3.5Ghz-

GPU: XFX AMD R7 360 2GB-

Mobo: M5A97 LE R2.0-

Ram: [Any 8 Gb Ram Will do] –

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master T4 –

Storage/Recording :1TB WD Blue 7200Rpm –

OS/Windows 10: SSD 128gb –

My Mic –

My Headphones –

Keyboard was bought on ebay… no link.

Mouse –