Shared by TheVolatileGamer140 on August 14, 2014

Just a showcase showing off some of the features that I have found in the latest 0.48 patch.
This includes Ghillie Mosin, some new animations including the ability to run with a raised weapon and .380 ammunition spawning in.

You can create the burlap wrap following these steps:
– Find a burlap sack
– Find a sharp object (Hacksaw, Machete, Knife etc.)
– Drag the sharp object onto the burlap sack and select the craft burlap wrap option
In order to upgrade to the grass wrap you will need a large area of grass.
Once you have found a large area of grass just equip the burlap wrap on your hands and then select the add grass option when looking at the floor.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and found it helpful There should be another video soon showing off some more features but until then, stay safe.