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In this showcase for DayZ Stable 0.55, we cover everything from explosive fireplaces to explosive diarrhea.

Thanks to those who helped, love you all!






All Footage is from DayZ Standalone by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and Bohemia Interactive


  • What are you calling a bug with the zombies? You can’t melee them to death easily anymore? They take more than one round to kill? This isn’t “Huggable zombies Island adventure anymore.

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    I still miss the official change log for 0.55

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    this is what i know in my view

    zombies animations are good in terms of walking around in the wild till they spot you as well as the extra areas like miltary etc etc but they DONT have super human powers and speed and are right on your arse for a certain time where as 54 was right in terms of distance and the agro which even if you lost them they still did creep up if you thought you were safe, also found that by time you pull a gun out and shoot the zombie is on you and has hit you 4/5 times which i notice that there hits ruin stuff like cargo pants within seconds and everything in it and most other stuff is still good

    the loot system

    well ive only found loot in ( some hunting towers, military green towers – near most of them, some odd buildings, but most of the usual places you would find food, aid, weapons, ammo, clothes are not spawning in correctly or non exsistant also in 1 session i had found 34 blue tents which in 54 i had only found 1 in 1 session from time to time so i think this is broken where 54 worked

    trucks ive only found 1 so far in the new update which the spawn areas there never there even after restart

    mellee weapons might as well be scraped if this is a new take on zombies

    citys i get ( wait for it ) a whooping 8 frames a second where before i used to get an avarage of 14/18 fps even with the config settings being changed to see if it helps so now i avoid citys or big areas

    but in my view i like the new animations of zombies -( minus attack 1,s )
    i like the new buildings and small areas + few new loots too

    but in my view this is getting worse than better so DEAN do us a favour and do small little updates like 2/3 loot then 1/2 buildings, new truck or something silimar etc etc which id rather that than big 1,s like say 10 updates per 1 ( 10 = 1, 55.01, 55.02 ) etc as 55 in my view is out of 10 ( a good 4 )

  • That persistence thing AINT working properly- makes stuff not respawning ….. all public servers are EMPTY or food …. dayz is not a fun game anymore. …. u cant even survive anymore

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    also the ghillie suit comprises of 1x hood,1x gun wrap, 1 x bush rag, 1 x top, 1 x trousers, 1 x bag cover where you seem to be missing 2 out of these 6

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    Plus, Dean Hall isn’t even on the Dev team anymore

  • Beleive some of the above comments are correct on zombie attacks…have found they are extremely good at warping behind you while attack so it make melee a bit hard to kill a zombie but it is still pretty manageable. I enjoy the new hardness of the zombies and am glad the dinner bell doesn’t attract everything under the sun now.

    I would say yes, the loot system definitely needs some tweaking for sure. It is a a very hard balance to try and push people to farm and hunt when they still need a little something on the coast to get started…fine line between a little to survive vs I can stay on the coast forever. Apple spamming FTW!

    I would like to suggest the possibility of an indicator for the need for human flesh…I run on an RP where I will occasionally act as a cannibal. I had a few pieces of the flesh on a session and ended up later down the line I would be starving regardless of how much of any other food I ate. I assumed it was because the need for human flesh was now required after a certain time but I am just assuming that is the case…have gone way longer and ate much more to not need to do this so I wasn’t sure if that was the case…maybe some sort of indicator craving the flesh or something maybe? As well, I did not have the shakes nor did I have the crying a cannibal can get.

    All in all I love the way the difficulty is being implemented…I no longer see hackers and I love the lack of a ton of children now….granted the douches are still out there lol…Watch for the signs they are there every time.

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    oh and powdered milk says to add water which you cannot, and i dont think eating powder is such a great idea