Shared by Bombsquad on March 7, 2015

Jim & Dave play DayZ Standalone. Here’s a little reminder of how important it is to choose your logout spots carefully! Try to log out somewhere discrete and off the beaten track, especially if you plan on logging into a highly populated server the next time you play. If you’re joining a new server as a squad, we’d highly recommend sending one person in as a scout, to make sure the coast is clear before your comrades join. Those of you who watch our videos regularly will know that we very rarely KOS – this was a heat of moment decision in a hostile environment (equivalent to airfields and military bases). On this occasion, we decided not to take any chances. We do feel bad for the squad…we’ll just have to hope that they planned on murdering us! (if they had the chance).

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Scheming Weasel faster – Kevin MacLeod (

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