Shared by JeSTeR on September 21, 2015

Elektro – everything can happen here. It starts with a weird friendship, meeting a russian guy and then a friendly jukebox guy and his friend. Random players appeared, some for the good, others for the sin. I have to do what JeSTeR always do on her adventures. A story of teamwork, human meat, betrayal, danger and adrenaline.
This was recorded on UKA Alliance 3pp server.
Intro & Outro animation by JeSTeR. Intro music: “Demilitarized Zone (Sting)” by Ethan Meixsell (Source: Youtube Audio Library).
“Fighting Swan”, “Crying The Line” and “Maestro” / Artist: Laufer /
“Carefree”, “Harmful Or Fatal”, “Hyperfun”, “Impending Boom” and “Hush” / Artist: Kevin MacLeod / / and
“World Map” by Jason Farnham / Source: YouTube Audio Library –
“The Chance” / Artist: Audionautix ( / Source: YouTube Audio Library /
NOTE: All the other music, that may have copyritghts, doesn’t belong to me, it was the other player that was playing it through the in-game voice chat.
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