Shared by cameronpea on April 2, 2016

Caught a guy sliding I should have just ran away.

Video Geolocation


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    you seem to be the kind of guy who spent a lot of time yelling at his xbox as a child. let me break it down for you- dayz has a tiny lag when it comes to bullets so that can cause shots that would seemingly hit to miss by a small margin. your first shot hit your target in the back. it didn’t hit center mass by the looks of it, and wouldn’t be enough to take a player down. at least not instantly. your second shot missed his head by a hair. your third shot hit him in his upper left arm which will fuck up his aim, but won’t take him down. your fourth shot, which i believe you would be most salty about can be seen impacting his melee weapon, which i presume is an axe. after that your fifth shot hit center mass, killing him, making your sixth shot irrelevant.

    besides a slight latency the only bug visible in the video is the glitched player animation of your enemy.