Shared by Sinkatze on August 2, 2014

I took a judgement call on what appeared to be a bandit in the tower. Hopefully I was right and did not kill the friendly group, which I don’t think I did, but let me know in the comments what were your thoughts on what happened.

Video Geolocation



  • I believe you made the right call , you did the right thing in waiting it out to see the outcome but a player without a gun is running around and getting shoot at to me means , he is a advanced player that understands the game as he puts himself in that situation to were most would have just ran away , With that said typically a player with a mossin/sniper in a pvp area is looking for action and with a 95% chance in this game its a shoot on sight. Altho that it could be said from bandit/hero perspective and from both sides. i run a hero group B.W.S Black Watch Syndicate , and make it clear that , A HERO CAN ONLY BE A HERO IF HE IS ALIVE , we all will make wrong calls however i do more good in this game 10fold , then bad , keep up the good work hero!!! wish there were more like you around.

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      Thanks for the extensive reply. At the time I wasn’t even sure if my shot killed him. I am glad I made a video because at the time I was so confused, I didnt want to talk too much to that guy just in case I killed his friend lol. But it was fun and Im glad I made the right choice.
      Its good to hear about a squad of friendlies. I have always been one, its just way more fun than shooting people on site. There are tons of games for that already. Wish we had more zombies and more stuff to do. But the game is becoming a lot more fun with each update.