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I talk about future items coming to DayZ, which have been found within the game files or posted by the DayZ development team!


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    A bit of a Norm Macdonald-esque underlying humor. Can’t figure out what comedian you are embodying, but there’s a few. lol

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    Great informative video. The cable could be a power extension for electrical properties. But I feel a lot more was promised and I know that it will come because the Devs have released all the stuff that was promised for a long time already.
    You may have missed out on adding the new Sarka vehicle (yellow one because news of it just released this week), but there were also model pictures before (somewhere, cannot find them now) on a V3S truck with a type of canopy type to come. They look a lot like the busted ones scattered all across the map of Chernarus, where you open up the back doors and climb in. Think it was to be called a V3S Command vehicle.
    You missed on the little Bird chopper and its parts (I think 7 different parts). Rumours circulated on boats and also a fixed wing aircraft, but that is maybe some whole couple months off. I thought a few months ago quite boats are coming and then I also thought very soon and I even started spreading rumours myself which I could not live up to. I don’t know, maybe it was patch 55 or something when Berezino changed for the first time I think, that all along the coast all the Piers and Docks changed a lot, dock able stations for boats I thought.
    Another new building added is at Tisy already, but it is hovering like a UFO a bit of the ground, so it is not enter-able just yet and located a little west of Tisy Military Base. Question is when are those small Trains station going to be enter-able, Prigordki has one for example, as does Balota etc. etc.
    Also what came in a time ago was very many stacks of wooden logs, kind of grey right now, but they make me think each time I see them that they will be able to be collected and you would refine them into planks and stuff needed for building your own base equipment (just my idea). Some guy just the other day had a great idea off the wheelbarrow to be added as the next DayZ vehicle. Actually a brilliant idea as a push around transportation system to carry all your shit around and build bases. Sure it will take a long time to build your fortress, but it will give DayZ a longer lifetime and also keep many busy being occupied by crafting and building their bases to show off all over than the usual pvp and stuff which get being overrun by hackers. Would be a refreshing change. Also in a little town we call Bog, a little north of Komarovo I noticed square wooden Boxes that were never part of DayZ, or I was to ignorant to ever notice them, Look brilliant for base bulding or to be broken up for equipment value to base building. There is a little video on basic base building.

    You also missed out on the RPG (rocket propelled grenade launcher)

    DAYZ – RPG Rocket Launcher Confirmed!

    Excuse my grammar and spelling and my dragging on and on about these things to come. Did not mean to start writing an essay, but a lot more could be said.

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    Oh, forgot to mention. That Watchtower with the stairs you joked about, well I built now my own model of it with coffee stir’s and wooden dowels. It actually looks great and will show it off when it is complete.