Shared by ALec on January 27, 2018

Hey guys, thank you for checking out this video, I really appreciate it.
– In this video, the squad that I was playing with met a friendly squad that we are actually pretty good friends with. We decided to leave them be and head to Novy so we don’t run into them… Guess who went to novy and fought against us? them.
Recently I have set a goal to try and hit 300 subs somewhere around the middle of this year. I really apreciate anybody who has subscribed since it has helped alot.

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Trumps Wall is a noob friendly DayZ SA community. Try out trumps wall today! I really suggest it if you are looking for a fun server to play on!

Public Hive Dayz Server 60 Slots:
Trump’s Wall #2|HIGH PVP!!|FRESH LOOT!!|Make Dayz Great Again!|

Private Hive Dayz Server 60 Slots:
Trump’s Wall |HIGH PVP!|24/7D!|Make Dayz Great Again!|

Thank you to PIPSI.NET for hosting an amazing server and setting my group up with our own channel, PIPSI is a really great place for learning to play DayZ and they are welcoming to new players from everywhere. I would like to thank the admins for not being useless dickheads like in other servers I have experience, and actually putting the “customer” first.