Shared by Shilor on February 6, 2015

A peaceful DayZ looting session on a low pop server was the plan. During the expedition a teammate had lost their rifle in a double gunning incident so we headed back to the police station in Cherno in hopes that it was where we found it. However it appeared that there was no peace to be had at all!

Sadly the recordings that took place after the airfield incident were somehow lost.

In conclusion to the events at the South West airfield we believe we walked in on someone else who was either waiting for us or already pinned down by the sniper. Several attempts to circle behind the sniper were made. Only once did I have eyes on the sniper and watched him run to relocate. From a close-by hidden position behind a tree up on the hill I began taking surprise fire from what appeared to be a second sniper even further up the hill! The battle went on for quite some time. Many more bullets were dodged that day. Tension was high. After a while we had to retreat. The airfield was lost.

Intro Design:
Arne Gombo

Music Credits:
“Enter the Maze”, “Ambush”, “Volatile Reaction”, “Black Vortex”, “Run Amok”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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