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Rarely do you get a second chance for vengeance!!! DayZ Standalone Gameplay.

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Intro/outro music:-
Labisch – Passion from Argofox creative commons
Labisch – Passion:

Other music:-

Kevin MacLeod Side Path, Day Of Chaos, Carefree, The Complex:-

All other songs are from the free YouTube music library

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Video Geolocation


  • Hey, i watched that video, and i wanted to ask you about those guys Dandy and Mezu,
    Are you sure that they dont have you on Steam or something, cuase its wierd that they got to the same server with you, and they we’re knew exactly where you are, so maybe some of them has some kind of an hack, that see’s you’r name, and then they saw you’r profile on steam, and joined to you’r server,
    Anyway’s i will recommend you to change you’r “Steam profile” and set it to Privet, couse people can just look at you’r profile, and press “Join game” on you. whan they see that you are playing in Dayz,
    Probbley this is the way they got in, but they need to know somehow, that it was you, and that you we’re exactly at the base, anyways just do what i told you, (If you never did , or know about this, )
    and if you already know about it, then NVM 🙂 awseome video, liked it

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    Yh, I will have a look at steam bud. I’m pretty sure I was offline at the time. I nearly always play offline…..