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(YoutTube only allows 5000 characters in the description. unfortunately, the script for this video was almost double that amount. So, I’ve included the transcript for the most important topics below.)


Let’s move on to navigation methods. Firstly, we’re going to discuss Astronavigation. DayZ’s uniquely hyper-realistic sky-box is the trait I adore most about the game. From the seasonal weather systems, to the celestial cycles, it delivers an almost exact replication of the natural night sky.

One of the many jewels of this woefully overlooked asset is POLARIS, or the NORTH STAR. Which shines bright at the tip on the LITTLE DIPPER.

Even on the clearest of nights, this star can be difficult to differentiate from the others in the sky. The easiest way to locate her is by first identifying URSA MAJOR. Commonly referred to as, THE BIG DIPPER . She can be seen just above the horizon in the earliest evening hours.

Here are couple tips to help you locate URSA MAJOR.

1. URSE MAJOR received the pseudonym of THE BIG DIPPER because the constellation is shaped like a bowl and a handle.

2. Remember that the URSA MAJOR Constellation is comprised of 7 stars in total. There are 3 stars in the Big Dipper’s handle and there are 4 stars that make up the Dipper’s bowl.

3. Position yourself in a location where there are no bright light obstructing your natural night vision.

4. The constellation’s brightest star ALIOTH is the third star on the handle, closest to the bowl.

5. The other two brighter stars named DUBHE and MERAK are located furthest from the handle comprising the edge of the bowl.

6. Keep in mind that THE BIG DIPPER is circumpolar, meaning throughout the night, it rotates around POLARIS counter-clockwise making a complete revolution around the pole daily. (I use this rotation during the evening to gather a general idea of what time it is and roughly how much night time remains.)

Our next step is finding THE NORTH STAR. Now that we know where MERAK and DUBHE are, we can simply make a continuous imaginary line straight through the two stars and up to POLARIS herself.

Congratulations, you’ve located the NORTH STAR and by extension, the apex of URSA MINOR or “THE LITTLE DIPPER”. The two are often confused because they both are comprised of 7 total stars and share the same amount of stars in both their handle and their bowl. However, The THE LITTLE DIPPER is not as bright or as large as THE BIG DIPPER.


Just in case your nighttime expeditions happen to occur on a cloudy night, we’ll be wrapping up this lesson, by discussing TRUE WIND NAVIGATION. TRUE WIND is defined as the wind relative to a fixed point the observation of which is not affected by the motion of the observer. To put it simply, which way the breeze blows.

The easiest and least contested option for solving your navigational predicament is by observing cloud movement. Since the dawn of DayZ, the clouds have always moved eastward. I think it’s safe to say that the development team will not be making any adjustments to this motion any time soon.