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In this lesson, we’ll be taking a look at Salmonella Poisoning, signs and symptoms. As well as steps we can take to prevent foodborne toxins and bacterial infections. Let’s get started.

Often misdiagnosed as Cholera, the most common symptom of Salmonellosis is vomiting. However, not as frequently as with Cholera. The symptoms of Salmonellosis are much more subtle than other illnesses and depending on the strength of your survivor’s immune system, can be significantly less severe. However, vomiting will educe a state of severe dehydration and hunger if it is not remedied before it can begin affecting your core immunities.

There are endless misconceptions and debates regarding the means in which Salmollnellosis is contracted. Therefore, I went straight to the source and consulted the game-files to clarify any inaccuracies. Salmonella Toxins are contracted by means, such as:
⦁ Eating rotten fruits, vegetables or fungi.
⦁ Eating worms.
⦁ Eating raw, uncooked cuts of meat, lard or guts harvested from fish and wildlife.
⦁ Eating or Drinking with bloody/dirty hands.

The risk of contracting Salmonella Poisoning can be greatly reduced by keeping your survivor’s immune system healthy. Consuming a regular dosage of multi-vitamins will boost your immunities considerably. The thirstier, hungrier, colder or more hypovolemic your survivor becomes, the more susceptible to disease and infections he will be.

Never consume raw, uncooked meats, lard or guts. Use one of the many available methods to cook food thoroughly and correctly before consumption. Only eat food labeled with a status of baked, boiled or dried. Avoid rotten fruits, vegetables and fungi.

Certainly the most fail-proof way to prevent the accidental spread of this toxin is by washing your hands at a well-pump before ingesting anything orally. Calm down you sweaty virgins. I’m talking about food, fluids and even medications. You can also wash your hands using sterilized water from a sanitized water container. Such as a Water-Bottle, Pot or Canteen. To sanitize a container, take it to your hands and combine it with an antimicrobial solution such as DISINFECTANT SPRAY or an ALCOHOL TINCTURE.

Charcoal tabs are the best remedy for Salmonella Poisoning. They can spawn almost anywhere, but can most commonly be found in the Blue Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Summer Cabins, Hunting Stands as well as Rest Areas and residential houses. The anti-nutrients in the charcoal bind to Salmonellosis toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and stop the bacteria from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

The active buff from Charcoal Tabs will last for roughly 5 minutes and does not stack. Consume a single charcoal tab, wait 5 minutes for the buff to expire. If the germ persists, pop another and wait. Repeat this dosage until the toxin dissipates.

Whilst suffering the effects of Salmonella Poisoning, your survivor will be very sensitive to food and liquid intake. The Nursing Nutrition Strategy we discussed in our Cholera lesson, applies here as well,. Sip drinks and nibble foods until the charcoal tablets can fully absorb the toxins from you stomach.

If you’re having trouble locating CHARCOAL TABS, combine the SIP/NIBBLE strategy with a dosage of vitamins. As seen in this awesome animation that I absolutely did not add any sound effects to in order to make it more appealing and immersive. This will give your immunities an essential boost and will allow your survivor to overcome the germ. Albeit, at a much slower rate than with Charcoal.

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