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Third-year Phillips Academy Andover high school pupil and journalist of ‘The Boarding Classes Survival Guide’ (Peterson’s 2014) Justin Muchnick is seeking submissions towards award only two $1, 000 boarding school scholarships that you can get to future or current boarding class students. ‘The Boarding Education Survival Guide’ written by individuals for students comprises chapters published by current or maybe recently graduated boarding classes students with over twenty-five boarding institutions across the United States. The arrange has been clearly received by student together with parent viewers who are considering learning directly about the boarding school globe from all who have lived them.

Muchnick possesses learned via experience of which attending boarding school is not only a opportunity, but also economic burden regarding many young families with kids seeking some sort of residential helpful high school. Muchnick says, ‘Not only is actually boarding institution tuition comparable to attending a non-public college, still factor in go expenses, accommodation, car rentals, textbooks, and so on, and in many cases with school funding and free college funding, the campaign can cost a lot. I wanted to provide my help in some way, then i am awarding two $1, 000 free college funding to pay that forward. ‘ Full information on the scholarship or grant can be found at this point under the ‘Scholarship’ tab.

Scholarship Fight Submission Guidelines

Prompt : Please create an coursework of about 900 words presenting your thoughts at why you prefer to attend boarding school (your reasons, wants, discoveries, and so forth ). Likewise, please home address why this specific scholarship will probably be helpful to an individual in your boarding school process and trip or why you feel that you could be a worthwhile beneficiary. Feel free to share personal anecdotes, too.

Be sure to email your submission with the subject really going ‘Scholarship’ to Justin Muchnick at: boardingschoolsurvival@gmail. com

Deadline: 06 30, 2015 . Invariably winners will be introduced and reached during the summertime of 2015 to receive your own personal scholarship merit. The scholarship money will be spent directly to your current boarding institution (or upcoming boarding school) to be reserved to defray the cost of university tuition. All syndication become the building of Justin Muchnick, and also any on a your submission may be posted in the future from a book simply by Justin Muchnick or executed media wall plug when proclaiming the winning prize winners.


Recently a different book premiered by the Idaho Times op-ed columnist Outspoken Bruni: Where You Go Simply Who When you are: An Antidote to the Faculty Admissions Mania . Understandably, it’s really the arguable topic, specifically among Ivy League educational facilities, current pupils and alumni.

Of course , As i (and plenty of other institution counselors) have been completely saying that for years: Will it Matter To Go To University? Mr. Bruni just use it down on cardstock and in your best-selling e book. Parents together with students are usually resonating to the message. Precisely why? Students and parents are filled having stress, anxiousness, and disappointment over the institution prep procedure test prepare, essays, faculty choice, grants decisions and many more. We are sick and tired with our college students putting each of their future goals of achievement on a university name and also reputation.

Look over some of the reviews of the e book:

‘For students, mothers and fathers, teachers, and everybody else enduring during the university or college admissions process, Frank Bruni offers an brilliant resource. Where You Go Is just not Who You’ll Be is a challenging look at the system works-and a fresh, good reminder involving what seriously matters inside college expertise. ‘
-Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author involving The Happiness Project and even Happier inside the house

‘The guess that intelligence can be tested, that success may be predicted, and that the combination of each of the creates joy and happiness is correctly exploded within this sharply recognized and pretty deep felt guide. In deconstructing the college entrée process, Open Bruni exposes the folly by which enfranchised people gauge their own life. He talks with a words of imperative sanity. ‘
-Andrew Solomon, National Guide Award-winning creator of Not even close the Shrub: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity

‘Frank Bruni provides the perfect study course correction for students and parents who get taken into the faculty admissions madness. I should fully understand. I was them. ‘
-Katie Couric

‘Frank Bruni has a effortless message for the freaked-out college students of United states. Calm down. To go to institution matters significantly, far less than you do whenever you get there (and afterward). Your dog urges people to look past the usual suspects and find a school that’s going to give something considerably more useful compared to a window ticket. His distinct, well-researched reserve should be demanded reading for just anyone caught up on the college-admissions online game. ‘
-William Deresiewicz, bestselling author with E xcellent Lamb: The Miseducation of the United states Elite plus The Way to any Meaningful Life

‘For individuals caught up around college-application madness, this book provides a obligatory tonic. For the remainder of us, it’s actual an inspiring require a wiser, saner approach to National higher education. ‘
-Paul Uncertain, bestselling novelist of Precisely how Children Have great results: Grit, Attraction, and the Undetectable Power of Character

‘Your worthy of is not based on the college you visited. Or, basically, ‘Where You Go is Not Just who You’ll Be. ‘ Alleluia. Which is exact concept every college and father or must attention as they run the difficult college tickets process. So i’m doing it with the fourth as well as this excellent writer’s new reserve could not have come at a more beneficial time for myself. As Frank Bruni skillfully demonstrates, your worth will probably be your worth and yours to create wherever you go. ‘
-Maria Shriver

Read this coverage from Honest Bruni’s guest post to the College Option:

… What we desperately need to do during this country is certainly change the focus of the discussion coming from where you check college that will how you apply college . In what recommendations do you need to improve? In what means does your shape of research need extending? If little ones were trained to worry about of which, and not in regards to the college company name splashed through the sweatshirts these kinds of are wearing, they’d be better for it. All of us would definitely.

Accomplish yourself (and your teens) a give preference to focus on the training, the experience, and then the joy with the college look for. Years the next day, it really refuses to matter in which they have their degree.