Shared by SavageSambar on July 3, 2016

G’day guys, I took the opportunity to give a guide on fixing cars after my mate Tommy found a working car out of the blue. Hope you guys enjoy and learn a bit that can help you on your mechanic journey.

Link to Dayz TV spawn map



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    Mate, thx 4 ya guide. But let me ask you: are you newcomer for DZ SA? I mean whole info of ya guide is already well known thing. So before you poste a new guide please select and provide a fresh info and don’t duplicate the old one. Peace bro!

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      The more, the merrier! In fact i’ve met a lot of people in game that have no clue about fixing cars, and those who watch guides prefer some rather than others and mine is for .60, some things have changed since they were released last patch such as vehicle persistence, so I don’t see how this isn’t helpful. Can’t be duping if something is new?