Shared by HIHB}MISFITS on March 29, 2017

No military gear or weapons allowed in this one. And we had some crazy action up close and personal. Any group playing had to hold the piano house in Cernaya Polana until midnight to win. The Misfits ran from Krasnastov, took the piano house and held it throughout the event. Many tried, and many were met by Cobalt’s Savage Shotgun of Justice… Holy crap was he on fire! Enjoy another awesome Saturday Night Madness Video with the HIHB Misfits!


“Beethoven Vs Chemical Brothers – Symphony No. 5 Vs Galvanize (Djs From Mars Bootleg)” – DjsFromMars –

“Dope Gangsta Epic Choir Trap Beat” – BeatsByNev –

“Industrial Rage” – TeknoAxe –

“The Complex” – Kevin Macleod –


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