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Com a nova atualização 0.55 na versão stable, tivemos a nova implementação da IA dos Zumbis e com elas vem as Hordas de Zumbis (São poucos mas já é um começo)!!


DayZ Standalone Brasil:

Configuração do Brinquedo:
-Gabinete AeroCool ATX Strike-X One
-Processador:i5 3470 Ivy Bridge
-Placa mãe: MSI h61m-e22
-Memória:1x2gb Markvision+ 1x4gb Corsair 1333Mhz
-Placa de Video: XFX HD 7850 Core edition 1Gb
-HD Toshiba 500Gb + 1Tb Seagate
-Fonte:Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2
-HeadSet:Lifechat LX-3000
-Monitor LG Flatron E2241 21,5polegadas 1920×1080

DayZ Hoard Zombie 0.55
DayZ v0.55

Video Geolocation

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    I like the new zombie ai, but i think what they should do is make zombies walk slow, like really slow but have about 10x more than they do now, so you can easily out run a horde, however they are still a very dangerous threat expecially in a city. If any devs read this please consider this because i really think running zombies does not fit in this game i think it would be much better with slow zombies and a lot of them, but thats just my opinion. Plus it would be terrifying to see the streets of cherno for example packed with zombies xD