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Blue Collarhero here in the city of Svet up on the north coast. If your wondering what I’m doing – I’m guarding the church door while my buddies behind me ready up. They asked me to keep guard and should anyone not say the secret password of MONKEYFUCKER I’m to shoot them on sight… lol.

Anyway what I wanted to discuss with you all is the thoughts on the limp animation that is incoming. For those of you who haven’t seen the preview of it yet here it is. Looks pretty cool eh but how practical is it and how will it effect gameplay?

I always like to include the realistic aspect in these discussions, realism after all is what all survival games should be striding to achievement. Initially I’m thinking yes this limp animation is a brilliant idea but the one thing they haven’t said is at what stage will the limp animation affect you. Will you start limping when the “leg is in pain” message appears or perhaps it will affect you when your leg is broken, instead of simply falling to the ground which currently happens now.

I know the game designers and also excited about the concept. Here is what Viktor leader animator said in a recent status report: “Last weeks we had many discussions about some great stuff coming to the game. One I am most excited about is the injured player also known as limping animations already showed a while ago. It wasn’t the right time to bring this to the game yet because it is very tied to many systems and most of the default animations have to be done and finalized first. We have agreed on how many injured stages there will be and also we would like to represent some illnesses with an animations like cough, sneeze, fever and more. To be clear this is something we won’t get sooner then sometime next year. But I’m sure it’s worth the wait.”

He briefly mentioned about the timing of the limp animation and I like the idea that it wont be beating vehicles being added to the game. There’s nothing more horrible than the long walks, let alone with a limp lol…

What do you guys think let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching, see you in the next one!

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