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Today I’m going to be showing you how to grow your own tomatoes, yes harvesting has arrived!

As of the 0.50 patch we now have tomatoes seeds implemented into the game which we can plant and grow. Along with the 0.50 patch came item persistence testing. Its still a bit clunky you can end up on a server with too much loot or a server with hardly anything at all. If its the latter and your struggling to find food – this is a really effective way to keep your character from going hungry and at the same time continue to loot.

Your going to need these items – shovel or garden hoe, tomato seeds and garden lime fertilizer is optional as it just decreases the growth time. If your not sure where to look all of these items tend to be in the same areas but are very common items can be found in cities, industrial areas and all along the coast line. The shovel can even go in your large bag pack should you not want to drop your precious axe.

Approach a 1 of the thousand greenhouses on the map with the items in your inventory,. Place the shovel or garden hoe in your hands and select dig. You can dig up to 20 slots so you can even feed your friends as each tomato plant yields 13 tomatoes. Okay now you should have your slots dug up. If you managed to gather a bag of garden lime fertilizer use this now. Straight onto the next stage, take your tomato seeds and place these into each individual slot you’ve dug up.

There are several different stages to the growth and if you added garden lime it can take up to 8 minutes and without garden lime can take up to 16 minutes until your able to pick your plants but after you have planted to seeds you don’t need to do anything but wait. If your a new spawn I would suggest you continue to loot around if not stand guard as other players also have the ability to steal your harvest.

Here we go our first tomato plant is ready. Once they are fully grown pick your crops simply by selecting the option. Again each tomato plant yields 13 tomatoes so at least you’l have one your characters needs tended to. Hope you found this helpful. Please subscribe for more DayZ Content. I am looking for more buddies to play with so add me on steam with the link in the description until then see you in the next one!

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