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This month has seen 3 experimental patches, so there’s a lot to cover and if you enjoy DayZ as much as I do then you don’t want to miss out on the changes. Peter lead game designer has suggested the changes will go live on stable servers shortly but what do these patches include?

For me two big changes – the first being Farming, the ability of harvesting crops using the fixed greenhouses. This en tales digging soil with a shovel or garden hoe, fertilizing the soil, planting the seeds that then grow into crops. Once ripe you are then able to pick the tomato plants. Currently only tomato plants exist but different plants will be added in the future. I’m really happy they have introduced farming, its seems small but its another great ‘survival aspect’ of the game.

The next big thing is the first step towards Barricading. Barricading doors has been discussed with developers for a very long time and now we’re finally seeing how this new system is going to work. As of right now, if you’re lucky enough to find a ‘Lockpick’ in the experimental, you can use it to lock and unlock it any of the doors currently in DayZ. The potential for this system is big, effectively you could lock down houses, police or fire stations. Prevent zombies or players from doing you harm. For all you bandit people out their I’m sure you’l love locking players into the prison jail cell lol but keep in mind Doors can be also unlocked with brute force.

Their senior designer also gives us a hint into their testing of alternative user interface changes. He says “Horizontally oriented inventory uses better screen space of nowadays 16:9 monitors. This layout reduces the necessity to scroll through the inventory to a minimum and doesn’t obscure the view on a players character or its surroundings. Players has better overview of the items they posse and time for all management of loot is significantly reduced. Inventory is fully modular so it even fits on a 4:3 screen and offers future possibilities to be even organize by players themselves. All slot sizes are the same throughout the whole of the UI – so players are always sure whether the item fits in the slot or not. A Player can choose whether he wants to have the avatar panel on left or right side of the screen and can also organize the order of containers.”. I’m not sure if that’s a bad screenshot but personally I dont like that layout. Maybe it will be developed more or Maybe it will grow on me if implemented.

Other smaller upcoming changes are: New weapons MP-133 shotgun, R92, more additions to the AK family – AK-74 and the AKS-74U. Chicken feathers can now be obtained from the chicken coop. All you Daryl Dixon fans will like this because you need chicken feathers to craft arrows for the crossbow and ashwood shortbow. Ducktape fixes more things. More bagpacks, including a waterproof bagpack and so much more. Really happy with the DayZ Dev team progress seems a lot of big and small things coming. DayZ Standalone has so much of a learning curb, I will continue to keep as many people as possible updated. Hope you all found this informative. Happy Halloween!

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