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The goal of this video was to cover a wide range of settings of which can boast both fps and the optimal pvp settings for players around the world. This video will covers all the topics in great detail, both pros and cons in changing various settings.

If you’re not interested in watching the video, here is a full summary.

Table of contents

1.Terrain Testing
Changes of which the devs can only change, major FPS impact.a. Eugen did comment on the vid regarding this subject, I am personally happy that the subject got his attention.

2. General Settings Changes
Every major point covered to improve FPS and not sacrifice any PvP advantages.a. This will however change dramatically once the new render is finally in-game.

3. Sales Reminder
If you live in the United States, and are hardware limited in DayZ SA. I’d strongly check the sales at the store called “Microcenter”. In the upcoming Cyber Monday you can get insane deals on various PC parts. It’s essentially the best time to pick parts for a better system.

1. Terrain Testing

Terrain testing has shown that it heavily impacts FPS. The goal of the vid was to capture the devs attention regarding this subject, because this FPS issue regarding rendering grass has already been fixed with ArmA3.

Since it’s not possible to test on the server, due to the setting being server forced at “Very High”. The only place you can test this setting is in the client-side menu.

Current tests show this much FPS.

  • Terrain Very High = 75 FPS
  • Terrain Normal = 102 FPS
  • Terrain Low = 109 FPS
  • Very Low = 112 FPS

2. General Settings Changes

A number of FPS vids cheat by not really testing the worst areas, aka towns. If a player can get good FPS at massive town, you can get great FPS everywhere else.

Video settings

  • Set native resolution
  • Change gamma and brightness to your preference
  • Keep VSync off, I’ve yet to hear people who can support 60 FPS constantly on DayZ to utilize this feature. If they did find a way to support that much FPS, they are giving up something, what they are giving up is range spotting.

User interface

  • Set your native settings Textures
  • Set video memory to auto, it will utilize all the memory on your GPU, no need to set it manually. If you still don’t believe me, test yourself with MSI afterburner.
  • Texture detail – If your card can support 2 GB of memory then change your detail to very high. This will not affect your FPS, but it will improve the games textures.
  • Texture detail – Same story, if your card support 2 GB of memory, change to very high. This will not affect FPS but it will improve visuals in the game.

Quality (This is the FPS killer Section)

  • Objects (This controls the rendering distance for various object on the world, of which is also players) Here is a better run down in detail regarding objects from my perspective.
Very Low: Will give the player a massive amount of FPS, but you take a massive loss in rendering distance. Players will render about only 500 meters out in a open field. When it comes to urban combat it’s even worse. In certain areas you might not even render a player 100 meters out. A test was done at “17:18” in the video High: Will hurt dramatically a player performance but it will give players an advantage in spotting player far out, especially when it comes to spotting players inside buildings.

Normal: Is the suggested option for most gamers, it’s a balance in spotting beyond 500 meters and having good FPS, it’s not the best in terms of FPS but it’s a balance.

Config file editors: if your following a random guide that say to lower your “Scene Complexity” below 200,000. You’re going to place at a massive disadvantage versus other players. Objects set at Very Low is at 200,000. Going any lower will only hurt you more, but you will gain more FPS.


  • Terrain: can’t be touched, due to it being server forced by the devs.
  • Clouds: Don’t really affect your FPS, but it does have an impact when placed on high to your GPU.
  • Shadows: Does impact your FPS, if you want the most FPS then disable it. If you want to have a balance in terms of PvP, then keep shadows on normal. Rendering settings.


  • Anti-aliasing: Disable to improve performance, it won’t give allot of FPS
  • Alpha to coverage: disable
  • Edge smoothing: FXAA low
  • HDR Quality: Very Low
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disable
  • Post process quality: disable, this will improve FPS.
  • Bloom: disable by moving the bar all the way to the left
  • Rotation Blur: disable by moving the bar all the way to the left

The rest of the vid will cover random details.

3. Sales Reminder – US Residents.

For players that are limited by hardware specifications and not settings.

Even tho Black Friday is gone, I’d still suggest checking “Micro-center” is various deals on pc parts the system I built was strictly buying parts during this holiday. Especially “Cyber Monday”, you can get great bundle packages with motherboards and processors at a great price. It’s probably the best time to snag a z77 or z87 motherboard and grab a heavily discounted I5 or I7 processor. As for GPUs, I’ll be honest it’s difficult to get a really good deal on that. I’d suggest anyone that has advice regarding great deals on pc parts to post in the comments below.

Here is a link to the site.

Full system specs for those interested.

  • CPU – I7-3770K ” OC at 4.3 Ghz”
  • GPU – dedicated resolution GTX 690 / dedicated physx GTX 460
  • Motherboard – Z77 Sabertooth
  • RAM – G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900)
  • CPU Heatsink – Hyper 212 EVO
  • Case – HAF X 942
  • Storage – 2 x 1TB HDD in Raid 0 / 1 x 238 GB SSD / 1 x 4 TB HDD
  • Fan Controller – ZALMAN MFC1 Plus-B Black 6 Channel Multi Fan Controller
  • PSU – CORSAIR HX Series HX850 850W
  • Fans – Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 – Sleeve Bearing 200mm Red LED Silent Fan / NZXT Air Flow Series RF-FZ140-R1 140mm Red LED Case Fan


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