Shared by HarryDayz on June 11, 2016

Hello I hope you enjoyed this video, it took a little while to make. If you don’t like KOS plz don’t complain, my first time using an M4 so I wanted to have some kills with it. The journey starts at Myshkino Military Base where Eddie died just before recording starts, I do my best to hold of enemies while waiting for him to return. Before recording started I had two kills at the base, one on a person camping the barracks and another on a guy who had a chambered SVD (I hid the body by mistake and I had a mag on me :/). I start taking fire from a sniper on the West hill who is also giving directions to his friend. Eventually the both come into the base which made the fight slightly fairer and I was able to come out of the base alive thanks to Eddie returning whilst critically injured. After this we head North going through various towns, killing anyone who cross our path. When we left NWAF a hacker shot me and I fell unconscious. He then teleported to Eddie who was able to react quickly and kill him before he pulled his AUG out. I was unable to show this part due to being unconscious and Eddie’s footage was unviewable as it was night time and shadowplay has a darkness bug right now. The journey ends at Tisy Military Base where a brave lone player decided to take a risky shot at me, he takes cover in a shed where the only possible outcome would be him being killed, which is what went on to happen.