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If you’re like me, someone who keep up-to-date with the DayZ Standalone status reports you’l be pleased to read the latest news!

As usual the report mentioned animation, programming and artwork with various amount of fixes and optimization of existing game content. However the big reads for me in the report is vehicle creation is in final stages to the artwork department but the big one for me is from Peter / Lead Designer who states: “We also opened discussion which will help us to outline construction design and it’s mechanics. We are analyzing what’s possible and where the borders are so we can decide upon crucial things like how they will be placed – freely or grid based? What the granularity of objects will be – down to logs, whole walls or perhaps complete floors? How the crafting of these objects will be done – just a recipe or actually stacking. There are many important things which will define player experience of creating, using and ambushing bases.”

He is also covering Weather impact, harvesting crops, simple barricading and Animal and zombie AI.

In the report they also reveal a map showing the concentration of player deaths within a 12 hour period. As you can see, the expected large amount of player deaths occur along the player spawn points. However, what is increasingly fascinating is the large spread of unique player deaths across the map.

I’m really happy to read that base building and harvesting have entered into the design stages and that vehicles will hopefully be out soon. Anyone who has played the mod will understand how enjoyable base building can be. I think that the game is showing real potential and some promising features coming in the future. I cant wait to keep reading those dayz reports I really like reading of the games growing development.

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