Shared by Yotta DahK on August 10, 2014

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Dayz Sa Version:0.47.124641

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Hello Everyone ! Is Sevenlife Here, today i wanna show you How to have unlimited Food, drink, morphine, bandage , rags etc
/! for educational purposes only /!
Let’s begin !
Step 1: Right Click On A item (Food/drink etc) And Click “Eat All or Use”

Step 2: Close Out Of Your Inventory

Step 3: Hold The “G” Key Or What Even Key You Have Bind To Throw Objects.

Step 4: While Holding “G”, Use The Mouse Wheel To “Cancel Current Action”

Step 5: Keep Holding “G” Until Your Player Finishes His Food/Drink Then Pulls His Hand Back Like He Is About To Throw The Food can or canteen etc, At This Point Keep Holding “G” Until Your Player Lowers Their Hands To Their Side, Then You Can Let Go Of “G” And Still Have Your Object.

All Credits goes to James221, is the founder of this glitch