Shared by dayzru on November 17, 2016

On 15-th of November, 2016 was streamniping me while streaming himself on Twitch. He checked that I was streaming and tried to find me on the server. He has been following me with his friend, while checking my coordinates by my stream.

My viewers came to alert me that he’s hunting me. I thought it was a bad joke, but then he came to my chat himself and told me that is going to find me. I told that streamsniping is prohibited by Twitch rules, but he didn’t agree. I told the viewers that I’ll ban anyone who is speaking about streamsniping and did so. I had to ban him in chat and my viewers kept telling that he’s chasing me.

I had to check if that was really a joke or not, so I’ve checked his stream on the second display to make it clear and realized he’s going the same way I was (Tisy). I didn’t want to meet him by any means. He knew where I was going so I decided to unexpectedly turn back to Novaya Petrovka.
He easily found me there by coordinates and I had to kill him and his friend.

The VOD from his POV from the moment he realized I’m streaming:

The VOD from my POV from the moment they found me ingame:

He’s telling loud on stream that he was streamsniping other streamers like 0nuqtive, Albertpride, KayPeaLoL, Murda_TV, M1NDR, play420. On the stream he is clearly telling that “streamsniping is not prohobited on Twitch” (in Russian). I know that many streamers will be happy to bring it to an end. I’ve already reported but I hope that Twitch admins will take a real action against such an obvious streamsniping.

Streamsniping is PROHIBITED by Twitch ROC:
(considered as Cheating in Online Games)

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