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Part one out of two for the two-part finale special episode to finish this series!
In this episode of A Not So Lonely World titled “The Final Chapter” (Part 1/2) of Episode 12. The newest arrival “Red” at the NEAF Sanctuary runs off in the efforts to help lead J.J, Frederick, Natascha & Jimmy to where this “Herbert” could be staying. Their discoveries cause them all a lot of stress that puts, even more, pressure on them to track this “Herbert” guy down.

With things getting too much for dear Frederick and overhearing talks of people leaving the NEAF Sanctuary he decides to leave one early drizzly morning for a few days but when he comes back to NEAF Sanctuary after feeling like such a fool for his irrational decision he made for leaving he soon returns to find out so much has changed.

A Not So Lonely World is an unscripted RP mini-series captured entirely on RPRANGERZ a DayZ Standalone roleplay server.

Each episode aims to capture the day to day struggles of surviving in this new unrecognisable world from a fictional character named Frederick Neville’s perspective.

Special Thanks to:

Gamme Loni (Natascha Romanov) -…

Skully (JJ) –

Micky (Jimmy) –

Sam [RIP’S] (Sam) –

Jean (Red) – (Contact Me! So I put a link to your channel)

And last but not least…

Special thanks to the entire RP community on RPRangerZ for the amazing support and participation in this series thank you so much!

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“Embryonic Waves”.

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by Ross Budgen.

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Music by Lucas King.

This series is filmed exclusively for the ‘RPRANGERZ’ DayZ Standalone RP server. Which is a community dedicated Roleplay server –

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