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In this episode of A Not So Lonely World titled “Red Alert!” Episode 11.
The “NEAF Sanctuary” is believed to be under a possible attack when “Jimmy” hears distant gunshots and eventually discovers someone in the far perimeter moving through the tree line. Frederick attempts to contact the stranger over the walkie but discovers it was someone else of which he recognised by the voice from a previous nightmare. “Red” stops by the “NEAF Sanctuary” to pay a visit and explains her troubled experiences with this “Herbert”.

A Not So Lonely World is an unscripted RP mini-series captured entirely on RPRANGERZ a DayZ Standalone roleplay server.

Each episode aims to capture the day to day struggles of surviving in this new unrecognisable world from a fictional character named Frederick Neville’s perspective.

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Jean (Red) – Channel Unknown/Inactive.

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This series is filmed exclusively for the ‘RPRANGERZ’ DayZ Standalone RP server. Which is a community dedicated Roleplay server –

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