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Turn on subtitles in order to understand my shitty english!

Three strangers group up on an adventure for survival, how far will they go, and how’s this gonna change them as individuals, desperate measures are gonna be taken in order to keep themselves alive.

This was recorded on a normal server, it wasn’t scripted, just felt like roleplaying for a change and got lucky that this two wonderful guys went along with me. It’s not the best role play you gonna see, and I tried my best to make it as entertaining as possible with the experience I have in editing, wich is not much. Sorry for random bugs, or audio too loud, but it would take me another full day to fix this with the export and upload.
Nonetheless I hope you guys enjoy, leave a comment on what you think, your opinion it’s welcome.

Music used:

Ghost Processional – Kevin McLeod
Long note one – Kevin McLeod
Long Note Two – Kevin McLeod
Long Note Three – Kevin McLeod
Long Note Four – Kevin McLeod
Epilog Ghostpocalypse – Kevin McLeod
Forsaken – Trailer Music
Court and Page – Silent Partner
Arma 3 – Exile Main Theme
Far the Days Come – Letter Box

MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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