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All Footage is from DayZ Standalone by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and Bohemia Interactive


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    Is it me or does it seem they are removing the survival aspect of the game .the improvised knife took a hit no more searching for stones , the removal of the bow and the item sizes are way off, In my opinion they seem to be making the game more of a PUBG , or battle royale style instead of the survival it was supposed to be , the 62 was far better in the survival aspect , Sure the animations needed polishing and still do , the infected could still use a lot of work the map could really use some tlc in quite a few areas as to bits and pieces of objects scattered around the map and floating boulders and trees . i feel they could have addressed some server issues and polished 62 into a master piece of a game , Now that the community will get our hands on the tools this game will become one of the greatest survival games out there , Between the coders , mappers and modelers like myself will make things happen that should’ve taken place along time ago.
    SepticFalcon; Keep up the great work i really enjoy the videos.

    • As a modder/mapper/coder since the days of Operation Flashpoint with extensive knowledge in VBSI/II, I must agree with AKA Punisher!

      Also, I dont see quite difficult to implement what you already have implemented in the past. I believe the coding will still be based on ArmA coding language, so I really don’t see the problem.

      I can understand that ragdoll requires hardcore changes in the engine of the game – fair enough.

      Please focus on the survival aspect of the game – infected spawn could be scripted better in order to have hordes and also resence of them in building would enanche the survival aspect even more.

      Also, because it’s coding related, improve the infection system as long as the persistence – it would improve the expectations a lot.
      For what is my understanding, Persistence is store into the server side of the game and saved using C++ languages, which helps the software running smoother – hardcoding better than softcoding (common knowledge eheh) it could be used to also save infected or dead players bodies for a particular period of time or when players are not in the area.

      Anyway, I’m still playing 0.62 and will continue play whichever version you make because I simply love the experience!

      Keep up the good work guys!

      an aficionado