Video Geolocation


  • if he had picked up a weapon he would have used it on you

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      Exactly, I am sorry if Welp disagrees but I gave the guy a chance to live up north. He may of just wanted his gear back but with me and 3 other guys in the area, I am 100% positive if he saw us he would of shot. Especially after he was just tied up and what i assume was his friend, was killed in that area. Just because i was nice to him and let him live doesnt mean when he got a weapon in his hands he wouldnt shoot at us.

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    Wouldn’t have done that….

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    Sure you told him to run away but when he puts his
    Hands in the air and you shoot. I just hate it when
    Player shoot you while you have your hands in the
    air. He had no Chance to hurt anyone of your
    group. Maybe he was starving or thirsty and
    was serching for food or water. You could
    have give him ar least a minute to explain himself.
    But you can do whatever you want in dayz.
    And sorry for my english.

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      He put his hands in the air yea…after he knew he was caught trying to sneak back. There were 4 guns on the ground there and plenty of ammo. I am confused as to what i should of done. Should I of told him to run away again? No because he would of come back. Should I of sat in the middle of the field near NWAF and Vybor and had a conversation with him? No. I am big on morals in the game and I let that guy live once. He had a chance.