Video Geolocation


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    fantastic series, been following from the beginning! amazing

  • Hey guys great vid.. Listen, any one hating on videos like this are just plain idiotic. Its hard to come up with interesting dialogue and story and then act it out, plus music AND editing. I dont watch the series but you guys did a great job and will only get even better then you guys already are. I was going to ask if you just have all actors or do you guys act it out in real live bandits on the server

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      Thank you. We did this adlib and live. It was a bit awkward but we’ve both done roleplaying before so it’s easy to get into character but what to say can be a bit weird without a script. LOL. I’m planning a series soon that is completely scripted where we act out and script in every event as a story. This story was all done live as I made my way through Chernarus. Thanks so much for the compliments and thank you for the support. This was the last episode of a sole journey I had and then scripted my squad in for the last episode. If you enjoyed this don’t forget to hit it up with a LIKE. I feel like this series is unique and could have been great but it wasn’t exposed and wasn’t seen by enough people..