Shared by RanshiTV on February 16, 2015

We’ve uploaded quite a few videos since our first teaser trailer for the channel, so here’s #2 – containing snippets from our more recent videos. If you enjoy our content, please show your support by liking, sharing and subscribing!

To our existing subs (177 as of writing this), thanks for sticking with us and we hope you continue to enjoy our videos. If you have any feedback or requests, please let us know!

We’re currently playing DayZ Standalone and H1Z1, however we’ll also be playing GTA5 when it’s finally released on PC (not long now!). We’ve also got our eyes on Star Citizen, so expect to see some related content sometime in the future. Other games may pop up from time to time!

You can watch our first channel trailer here:

Song featured at the start of this video: Shake A Bone, Son Of Dave