Shared by Re-Patch on September 24, 2016

What’s up everyone

Welcome back to the 3rd episode of my “PvP Compilation” DayZ Standalone series. In this episode you will get to see some decent PvP at the North West Airfield/Myshkino tents and a sweet SVD shot.

Also I’d like to introduce my ESF (Exiled Special Forces) clanmembers with this video, I joined them recently and they’re a great group, had a blast playing with them the last few weeks.

PvP Compilation DayZ SA #3


Video type:
Compilation of short clips, edited with music & effects, heavily focused on PvP, most of the time 3pp

Video length:

What’s it about?
You will get to see some solo and squad gameplay from me and my clan. All recordings are in 3pp and it’s all about PvP. You will get to see some decent 1v1’s, some tactical teamplay and a sweet shot with the SVD.


I would be happy to see some comments on the video on Youtube or to receive some feedback here from you guys. Let me know what you think about it.

Have a good one & thanks a lot for watching!