Shared by Re-Patch on December 4, 2015

What\’s up guys, Re-Patch here

In addition to my Battle Reports on Youtube I\’m starting a new series, it\’s called the PvP Compilations.

Let me provide you some info about it:

PvP Compilation DayZ SA #1


Video type:
Short clips, edited, focus on PvP

Video length:

What\’s it about?
I know that quite a lot of you don\’t enjoy longer content. But I have a lot of recordings to share, so I\’m starting this new short series, called PvP Compilations. You will get to see between two and ten short scenarios of me playing DayZ Standalone (heavy focus on PvP of course) alone or with my friends.


I would be extremly happy to see some comments on the video on Youtube or to receive some feedback here from you guys. Let me know what you think.

Have a good one & thanks for watching, cheers,