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Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotics for the Woman Whose Life is any such thing but Regular

Eat, drink and become regular

Just sprinkle one portion of Regular Girl into the favorite drink or meals as well as the comfort of the balanced time is yours. You may not taste the real difference, but you will have the advantages. Constantly free delivery!

How exactly does it work?

Prebiotic Fiber

Regular Girl contains 5 grms of clinically proven prebiotic dietary fiber (Sunfiber®), an ideal meals supply when it comes to good germs in your gut. It moves during your system just the pace that is right the drag of making excess fuel or bloating.*


Regular Girl contains 8 billion active time magazine cover latin bride and scientifically proven probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis) that really work with harmony with this Prebiotic Fiber, developing a union that keeps regularity and promotes perfectly balanced intestinal health.*

Regular Woman is just A amazing value

Regular Girl’s synbiotic mixture of dissolvable dietary fiber and probiotics expenses 30 percent lower than the price tag on buying fibre and probiotics individually.

1 According to typical rates taken 02/09/2018. Recommendations can be found upon demand. 2 Regular Girl is just a Monash University minimal FODMAP Certified™ item. FODMAPs are recognized to cause fuel associated discomfort, abdominal distention and constipation and/or diarrhoea in individuals enduring practical gastrointestinal problems (FGIDs) and cranky bowel syndrome (IBS).

just What professionals say

“Regular Girl’s cool single serve on-the-go stick packages assist ladies gain control of their digestion wellness, for them to go back to their confident, balanced selves”

Dr. Felicia Stoler – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and author of “Living Skinny in Fat Genes”.

“Nobody gets the time for irregularity. I would suggest Regular Girl to any or all ladies as it makes feel that is regular. Exactly exactly just What goes into, must emerge. If you are stuck, Regular Girl has arrived to assist! Your wellbeing is a good investment, perhaps perhaps not a cost. Everyone loves Regular Girl since it is a good investment that keeps repaying every single day.”

Bryce Wylde, DHMHS, Alternative Wellness Professional, Health Advisor Dr. OZ Show.

“The thing I love about Regular Girl is it is clear blending and offers benefits that are amazing your digestive system. Being a pharmacist, we advise clients all of the right time in the significance of dietary fiber and probiotics for regularity. With Regular Girl you receive the very best of both these key components combined into one particular to simply just simply take item.”

Sherry Torkos, Holistic Pharmacist, Certified personal trainer and composer of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, preserving Women’s Hearts, additionally the Glycemic Index Made Simple.

“Our household really really really loves Regular Girl! The undoubtedly regulating prebiotic dietary fiber and probiotics it provides is really so very important to most of us to battle a day-to-day foundation, particularly for girls, their moms and expecting mothers. Plus, it offers no unneeded fillers.”

William Sears, MD, Pediatrician and noted writer on household wellness.

“Staying regular is the better method to get a set tummy and squeeze into your skinny jeans. Regular Girl’s fiber and probiotics allow you to radiate self- confidence through the inside out.”

Lisa Lynn, Fitness Professional and Specialist in Losing Weight and Metabolic problems

“There are a couple of what to state about Regular Girl. First, it is a product that is terrific a stylish formula that mixes prebiotic fibre (Sunfiber) with perhaps one of the most essential strains of probiotics for gut health (Bifidobacterium lactis). And 2nd – it is not merely for women.”

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS – The Nutrition Myth Buster™, board-certified nutritionist and best-selling composer of 15 publications like the 150 Healthiest Foods in the world.