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Introducing DayZ Psychopaths: A series of short stories following a few of Chernarus’ craziest and insane individuals. When a world goes mad, so do its inhabitants.

EPISODE 1: The Electrician

Bob, an electrician for a major hydro company in his life before The Outbreak, has lost everything. His mind is crippled and he is unaware of the dead world around him. Bob is a psychopath.

As the world turns to darkness, Bob tries to bring back some normality to life in the wasteland. Noticing – strangely to him – that much of the world is without power, Bob sets out to turn on the lights. However, along the way in his travels, he comes across a few individuals who have outstanding fees, money in which they owe to Bob’s hydro company. This doesn’t make him happy.


The Variant Soundfield

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