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    m4 seems to be impossable to find but youtubers always have them

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    The crane is a logically dumb place to snipe from. Yes, you get a hell of a view, and that’s it. You can’t get down/escape without exposing yourself, and you really don’t have anywhere to shoot-and-relocate to in a sniper-sniper fight.

    The catwalks in the middle of the town, that go onto the roof and are next two the three large silos, across the street from the fire station, are so much better in my opinion.
    Your view is meh without a scope, but you are at the critical point of traffic casually coming through Beranzino. And you have a decent view on the grass and lots nearer to the coast, the part geared people try to sneak through to get to guard towers or avoid the main street.
    Also, you have two exits, the ladder, and the much faster and safer catwalk stairs that will dump you behind the walls, shielding you from the street, There is also a lower shadowy level of the roof, next to the three silos that you can run down to, which is excellent for surprising anyone who might have seen you on the roof, and is trying to move on you.

    I don’t encourage sniper ambushing, but I don’t shun it either. I tried this after coming back on experimental and finding my guy and camp had been whipped. I’m not a very experienced sniper, but this location worked quite well for me.