Shared by wheedbear on November 1, 2017

The story is about a man named Viktor Krum also known as Patient 13, He’s a prisoner that has received a life sentence for murder, cannibalism and torture. He served his life sentence at Prison Island when one day something freed him.

The movie was filmed on the DayZ RPRangerZ Server along with it’s members. If you want to play on the server make an account and then apply for whitelist.

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Music Used:

0:00 – 0:39 and 15:32 – 20:20
The Wasteland:

0:39 – 4:42
Aztec Drum:

5:11 – 8:15
Theif In The Night:

8:19 – 8:46
Right Behind You:

9:27 – 13:27

14:22 – 14:58
Lost Time:

Welcome to my stash

This is where i create videos with a bit of blood and tears. I create these RP videos to show the dark side of the world and make it stand out. I won’t stop making videos like this and i will keep on trying to make content for you guys.

I hope that you enjoyed your stay.