Shared by Bombsquad on February 26, 2015

Welcome to my new DayZ Standalone series! Join me on my adventure across Charnarus! Thumbs up for such a great event! I hope you guys Like this, I know I have taken a long break, but its been for a good cause, to bring you guys this new PC. Hope you guys have as much fun watching this as I had participating in it! And I hope you guys can join me next time!

Filmed on the DayZ Flashmob Server, ran by FriendlyInCherno:

Thank you everyone who participated!

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¶ PC Specs are:
Intel 4790K @ 4.0Ghz, Gigabyte GTX 970, 16GB Ram, Z97 motherboard, 250GB ssd, 3TB HD….More can be found here:

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