Shared by PmsProxy on February 2, 2016

Even during the apocalypse our prison is standing, no it must stand in order to keep Chernarus a little more safe from those who have lost their humanity.

I know this video is long so I have broken it up in to “chapters” which will allow you guys to take breaks throughout the movie.
(this style was inspired by Mr.Moon!)

Searching- 3:18
Intimidation- 18:40
The Yard- 27:00
Betrayal- 38:16

This was a role-play event hosted by TheAdventuresOfTwig on his server TwigRP. It is unscripted RP, however the participants were told to not break out/ fight for the first 45 minutes to allow everyone a chance to enjoy the event.

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved, you made the event as amazing as it was!

TwigRP Steam comunity:

Music from: Epidemic Sounds

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