Shared by Ryan on July 10, 2015

Met up with some really cool guys in this one, upon searching for the origin of some gun shots, we were pinned down by 2 snipers equipped with Winchester m70’s !

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1.) EDIT_POS-Vol_195_-_Signals-We_Stand_Together__No_Percussion

2.) POS-Vol_196_-_Evolve-14_Til_The_End

3.) POS_Trailer-PP_Music_UK_-_17_String_Suspense

4.) POS-Vol_169_-_Modern_Fire-03_Higher_Ground

5.) POS_Trailer-PP_Music_UK_-_18_From_the_Deep

6.) POS_Trailer-PP_Music_UK_-_04_Suspect_Zero_Underscore (1)

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