Shared by camcantrun on February 3, 2016

After some unfortunate events of acting friendly and it not being reciprocated me and my really good buddy VAL looked to link up. While in route I came across two very angry young man inside the Cherno Hospital treating fresh spawns to pot shots. I stuck around and it resulted in my death……. Luckily I respawned in Kamarovo and got myself a scorpion with a mag.

After dealing with those terrible people I went to get to know another survivor my buddy made friends with named Steven.

That’s where the affection begins. Steven isn’t all man, he’s just all heart. Thanks so much for watching.

Check me out on TWITCH, i’m gonna start streaming in a week or so. 🙂

Music by a lot of sources:
Acoustic: Grizzly Bear X2
Yule Fire:

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