Shared by Happybro on January 31, 2016

What to expect with 0.60

  • New renderer
  • LegacyUI will be switched with newUI, which got improved through many fixes on internal branch


New Renderer

  • Over 100 fps archieved (20:45) on a dense scene on a mid-range pc with Intel i7 3770k and Nvidia GTX 970 (21:10)
  • Not every pc will get the same amount of fps everywhere (it’s logical)
  • Some of the settings were high, some were middle (23:08)
  • Probably there will be some texturing issues etc when it will be up on exp. branch. however the developers will find the issues (23:30) and fix them



  • First iteration of newUI, which has a lot of bugfixes, in next big branch (.60) (24:55)
  • A lot of mockups for interface (serverbrowser, loading screen etc) created. however these were, like /u/robo-priest/ said, with comic sans as font. Hicks was not happy about it (the comic sans font), so he won’t show any of these (25:00)
  • Server browser with tabs: first tab will have list of only offical servers (1pp/3pp) (25:40); second tab: community tab (26:05) – servers run by community;
  • Main menu: you will be able to see information about SR (27:00); it will contain links to feedback-tracker, dayz dev. twitter (27:10) etc.



  • Devs (gameplay developer team) are working on moving the infected spawning from the legacy global system to dynamic events (40:30) too (explanation of the new zombie-spawn-system: from 41:35 on)
  • Spawn quantity right now: 500 infected on map (40:20); lowest amount besides of .58 and current branch was 700 (41:20)
  • In dayz mod the infected (max amount Hicks ever saw was 438 (41:10)) spawning system was triggered based (they were spawning only where the players were) (40:50); in DayZ: Sa the infected were (in .56?) distributed across the map. Right now they spawn only in some towns and cities
  • New zombie-dynamic-spawn-system will be released when it is done – however Hicks would like to see it on exp. branch maybe on .60, (later if some issues will pop up) (44:45)



  • Spawn-System: people will be able ‘to do so much more’ with the new code than with SQL (12:48)
  • Sacriel put a ticket with the help of his community about some issues with items repeating in some buildings, not being repopulated properly. It allowed the devs to identitfy what the issue was (14:58)
  • Current amount of item-spawn-locations: 2-3 million (16:05) (in comparison to DayZ Mod: 10k (17:25))
  • Some items do not get the proper amount to spawn due to some categorizatio-bugs (16:25); the devs have worked in the past two weeks to fix these categorization-bugs (17:40)
  • New weapons and scopes are on their way (31:50)
  • Player movement (33:40): stamina-system and weight (34:35) will have an impact on player movement. Our feedback for the balance will be important! (35:30)
  • Precise item/object place-function (36:10): developers are working on it
  • You will be able to blow gas stations in DayZ 1.0 (37:30); right now it has no priority
  • Hicks wants to release (when milestone hit) serverfiles and hive server package (so you can run your own hive whereever you want; on every hardware you want) (38:00)
  • Buses speed will be increased when the developers have fixed enough (38:15)
  • Design team is working on soft-skills at the current moment (38:40); a lot of is depending on the player controller and animation system (38:48)
  • New player controller is not yet finished (39:20)
  • Current movement speed in DayZ S is nearly twice so fast than in DayZ:Mod (43:55)
  • Hicks would like that we can pick up shot arrows from zombies (system similar to Rust) (46:10)
  • Changing firing mode of weapon is going to be adressed (Hicks finds it very important) (47:20)
  • Feedback-tracker will come back online as soon as it is ready (47:48)
  • Tulga cablecar is not functional (48:00) šŸ™
  • If snow will be added: ‘time will tell’ (48:07)

Huge thanks to /u/panix199 for his work.