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Thank you all for all the support recently. Hitting 5k subscribers the other day was an incredible milestone, one that I have been dreaming to hit for a very long time! Thanks again, I hope you guys enjoy this one. 😀

Thank you Vulcan, Jewcrew, Riochart, Castro, and Foxtrot for helping me out with the filming of this video! Everyone go check these guys out!!

Music used in this video:
Cullah – “A Place I Know” & “Drums of War to Drums of Peace”
Drifter – VELOCITY by Icon Audio

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    New clothing isnt easy to find, so thats evil! I like it!
    You cold do a Shot for shot game with your friends, both need a 1 hit kill weapon and ammo, it can only be chambered and you need to try to shoot your friend, while he is running left and right (duck, prone and all that stuff allowed, just not W and s) trying to dodge the shot.
    Who dies first loses.